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Forgetting the Impossible
An amazingly easy thing to do at times,
Like when you forget that you had to call someone,
when you forget the name of the person sitting across from you,
and even those small moments of happiness and kindness that tend to make the best part of life.
So, why can't I forget what happened?
What I do want to forget, I can't.
A part of me knows that I never will,
No matter how much I wish,
or beg.
It will forever be imbedded in my mind.
These aren't the type of memories that are or were good ones,
that now bring you pain because you know those days and/or that person is gone.
The memories I want to forget are the ones that break you down.
The type where time doesn't seem to pass fast enough,
Like time itself is savoring every moment of your pain,
every tear,
every bruise,
and every cry you give out for it to just end.
Those memories are of the worst to remember.
Those that kill you on the inside.
The ones that you wish you were just dead.
Even now, when they are nothing mo
:icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 0 0
The Right Thing To Do?
I have admit that maybe I was wrong.
I'm not quite certain if I am or not though.
I'm happy. I truly am. But I can't help but wonder,
are you happy?
I have to stop thinking that I don't wanna lose you
And honestly consider if I am any good for you.
You are, without a doubt, the best thing that has happened to me
But, this isn't about me, it's about us.
If you're not happy, how am I suppose to say I found where I belong?
I want you to be happy.
You deserve to be happy.
You need to get out there and just laugh.
Maybe I was wrong to think that I would be any good to you.
I am truly sorry if what you got was not what you were asking for.
Just know that I do love you.
:icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 0 0
I hear your words.
But, simultaneously, I don't.
Do you understand?
It's okay if you don't.
I don't either.
I want to listen
But, I can't.
I want help.
But, simultaneously...
I don't want it.
I actually want to let go.
To no longer worry,
become upset,
become angry,
become humored,
become overjoyed,
It comes to the point I want nothing.
I feel like I just can't be moved at the most vital of moments.
I want to let go.
And that's the worst.
Because nothing else seems to matter.
:icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 0 0
The bitter end
It's hard.
I know.
I've been where you are now.
I didn't want to breathe.
I didn't want anything.
But look at me now,
I'm not talking about looks,
unless you're looking for the cuts
That use to cover my arms,
then you won't find them.
I'm asking you to look inside,
Do you see how happy I am?
It's because I decided to stop being so blind to
those around me.
Things don't always have to be so bad.
Things are only as bad as you want them to be.
Can you see that?
Can you see me?
I've been where you are now.
But I'm here for you.
I don't want to see those cuts and scars on your arms,
just like you don't want to see them on me.
You got me out of my own prison,
let me do the same for you.
Let me help you.
Just like we promised.
We'll be there for eachother til' the end.
The bitter end.
:icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 1 0
It starts in your gut.
Then it starts growing.
Sometimes taking it's sweet time and other times rushing it.
Soon it reaches your lungs and heart.
You start to breathe faster.
Your heart thumps harder.
It gets a hold on your thoart.
Then you can't say what you want to say.
The grab on your face is so fierce that it gets stuck.
At this point you've learned that you've lost.
You have to give in,
or it won't let go.
You have to say what's holding you back.
"I love you."
Your body seems to let go.
It relaxes. You've embraced that fact.
Your free.
:icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 0 4
Please, just tell me what you want from me?
Cause I don't understand anymore.
I know I'm not your favorite and I don't mind.
But do you really think I'm not good enough?
The way you look and talk to you have any idea what you're doing to me?
Your always telling me "I can't do anything to make you happy anymore, can I?"
When I want to ask you, I can't do anything to you happy anymore, can I?"
Your never happy with me.
Not anymore.
It's killing me.
I...don't know what to do with you anymore.
I don't wanna be around you anymore.
So please tell me, what do you want from me?
:icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 0 9
10 things I hate about you
I hate your hair.
I hate your eyes.
I hate your smile.
I hate how you dress.
I hate how you talk.
I hate how you make me sad.
I hate how you make me happy.
I hate how you make me laugh.
I hate how you make me miss you.
What I hate the most about you is how you make me love you.
:icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 5 8
Our Friendship
Remember the day we met?
The day we became friends.
Do you remember the day suicide came into my head?
The way you said it wasn´t worth taking my life away.
That who was going to keep you from going down the same path if I wasn´t there to stop you?
When I got upset you would be there to make sure I didn´t do something stupid, and you kept that promise.
When I got mad you helped me learn how to control myself so I wouldn´t get into some fight with someone that would probly kick my ass.
When I needed you, you were there and every chance you got to hang out with me you would take it.
When I was happy most of the time it was cause you were the reason.
You were the reason I laughed, smiled and you were the reason that kept me alive.
After that year I learned that going to school could give you something to cherish forever, but it does come with a down fall to get something it takes something from you, what sucks more about that the year that came after that it took you.
:icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 1 12
You ask me whats wrong well lets see.
My dad is disappointed in everything I do.
Mom is giving me fake love.
Sis is talking shit about me.
Bro thinks I'm stupid and acts like I'm not there some times.
Aunt Fina thinks I need help cause I dress all black.
Dad thinks I'm a lazy ass.
Mom thinks I need to go to an all girl school.
Dad thinks I need to go to a mental house.
Where did I get my attitude problem from? you ask.
I got a easy answer for that. you.
Most of the time you tell me to
shut the fuck up
get a life
go die
just leave and don't come back
no wonder your a loner look at yourself
all these things I've got told so much it's as normal as hearing a Hi or something.
you don't get the true me cause shes buried under everything you did to me, everything I've heard and everything I've seen.
I can't live a 'normal' life.
Cause your in it and so are they.
I act like nothing is wroung until I go to bed and I cry myself to sleep and you never know even if you did you wouldn't care.
:icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 3 21
just a little too late
I'm sorry.
Everything is goingto be the way it was before.
Trust me.
All these have no meaning to me.
I tried these things, I've said these things to you and they meant nothing to you.
So why should they mean something to you.
So why should they mean something to me.
You use to say it's just a little too late.
Well guess what.
I don't plan on staying with you forever.
I know I was a mistake.
You say for once make you proud.
Well everything you want me to make you proud in is something I just can't do.
They just aren't me.
Why don't you love me for who I am.
Your lips say you love, your eyes say you hate.
My lips say they hate, my eyes show longing...for love.
Well there is nothing you can say now because
It's just a little too late.
:icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 2 26
You say there is nothing to hide.
You say we can tell each other everything.
You say we can say anything thats on our mind.
You say we don't hide anything fro each other...
We have everything to hide.
We say nothing to each other.
We keep everything in our mind.
We hide everything and anything from each other
Do we have everyting to hide?
Do we have nothing to hide?
:icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 0 19
A Dream?
I look around.
I see my mother, father, sister and brother.
They're calling my name.
They tell me to come over.
But their expressions are not mad but happy maybe even glad.
As I get near them I hear them say they love me.
I don't believe it until I see their eyes they were filled with love.
Something I haven't seen a long time.
They open their arms to hug me.
As I go to them to hug them.
As we are about to touch...everything goes black.
Then I see them staring at each other but with hate this time.
They see me.
They put on their fake smiles.
They say they love me.
Lie...was the only thing I could think of.
Everything goes black again.
Then I see my past.
I see my brother hitting and yelling at my sister.
I see my father hitting and yelling at my mother.
I see my sister crying trying to protect herself...but can't.
Trying to hide but can't.
So she gets hurt more and more.
Then I see myself, my little self.
The one who was there when it all happened.
When it all started to fall apart.
:icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 0 28
My Awesome Sister
She is there for me.
She helps me.
She comforts me.
She is beautiful.
She is smart.
She is a wonderful person.
I'm not there for her.
I don't/can't help her.
I don't/can't comfort her.
I'm just hideous.
I'm stupid.
I'm horrible person.
:icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 0 64
Mature content
The Naruto Story Part 2 :icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 1 43
Mature content
The Naruto Story Begins :icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 1 48
3 words
3 words.
Don't make me say does 3 words.
I'm aren't ready yet.
You still have time.
Those 3 words aren't ready to come out.
Those 3 words scare so much.
Please...don't make me say it...don't make beg of you..don't make me say...
Rest In Peace
   To my loving Nana hope you get don't make me say those words please.
:icondairockstheemoworld:DAIrocksTHEemoWORLD 1 53


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ummm...hey...i'm back again...*sigh* i know i don't come around often anymore but things are just...sucking, i guess. SOOOOOOO much has happened! it makes me mad but whatever.
some of you probably already guessed that i'm probably not going to continue the sasuhina fanfic i was working on. the whole story got erased on my other computer, so it's going to be discountinued. i'll start working on a other, but i HAVE been working on this other story that has nothing to do with any anime...but i created, on my own. and i'm really proud of it. i don't know if i should post on here.
well i doubt anyone is going to read this and i'm probably wasting my time though i have nothing better to do...
well, bye.


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